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Since Strategic Steps began, we’ve provided our services to a variety of organizations and industries. On every project we undertake, our most important objective is to relate to our clients and understand their core needs and goals to create the most effective strategy.

At Strategic Steps, we work closely with Municipalities, Boards, and Corporations on a variety of projects, many of which are not made public, including:

  • Corporate and Tactical Planning

  • Bylaw and Policy Reviews

  • Professional Development on a variety of topics

  • Communication Planning

  • Priority-Based Budgeting

  •  Role Clarity and Responsibilities

  • Codes of Conduct and Ethical Behaviour

  • Crisis Communication 

  • Media Relations

Some examples of our Public projects are shared below,

Strategic Planning Projects


"I would like to thank you on behalf of the Town and Committee. It was great to work with you. We appreciated the knowledge and contacts that you brought to the process."

Town Director of Corporate Services

Organizational and Governance Reviews

"From the initial kickoff meeting until the end of a late night Council meeting, Ian was able to respond quickly to our enquiries, nimbly navigate ambiguity and uncertainty, and be readily available to discuss and adjust the work to suit our organization’s needs, all while maintaining the integrity of an independent process and the validity of the findings."

Catrin Owen, Deputy City Manager

Code of Conduct, Formal Complaint Reviews and Integrity Commissioner

"Ian gas provided our staff, Council and community the best raining and education sessions I have ever attended in my 28 years of elected service."

Mayor Dan Mathieson, City of Stratford, On

Human Resource Reviews and Compensation/ Salary Reviews

"Working with Strategic Steps and everyone involved has been an excellent experience. The meeting facilitation was really appreciated, there were never any concerns about getting and exchanging information in a timely manner, and the bi-weekly check-ins helped to keep the process really grounded and fresh in our minds. Working with you was an absolute pleasure for us."

Ben Cowan, Wetaskiwin County

Municipal Inspections

"You helped us more than you can possibly imagine."

College Dean


Current & Past

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