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BA, Strategic Steps President

As the President of Strategic Steps, Ian has had the opportunity to work with dozens of municipalities, associations, societies, and voluntary sector organizations across Western Canada and beyond. He lives in the space between appointed or elected officials and the organizations’ managers.

His career background includes working with municipalities, for the Alberta provincial government, in oil and gas, emergency services and in the volunteer sector.

Since 2000, Ian has worked on governance and structural reviews, strategy development and implementation, and orientations or refreshers for boards of directors and elected officials. He has done this both as an employee of government and as a business adviser in the private sector, working for himself and others.

For seven years, Ian worked with four provincial government departments in Alberta and three in Manitoba as they aligned their operational work to their business plans.

Ian is an occasional author for Municipal World magazine and local newspapers, writing on topics such as social media use in municipalities, business planning for municipalities, the future of local government, and most recently, a three-part article about measuring community well-being in Canadian municipalities.

Ian also hosts workshops and speaks at various conferences in Canada and the United States, typically on the topic of good governance, change in government and the importance of strategic planning.



Collaborative Efforts

By working on an associates model we are able to partner with many talented experts. 
Strategic Steps creates a team tailored to each client's specific needs in order provide the best possible value for each and every client. 
Meet some of our professional associates here!



Established in 1984, the firm of George B. Cuff & Associates consists of a wide variety of seasoned professionals who offer their services on a per diem basis. As a result of this approach, and as President of the firm, George Cuff is able to assemble the best minds in a particular field. This can be done on short notice for significant engagements. His firm provides a variety of specialized consulting services to mostly public sector clients principally in the areas of board and council governance, governance reviews, trouble-shooting, staff and elected official training, and special projects.

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Engagement expert. Facilitator. Project manager. Instructor. Relationship builder. Maria deBruijn is a much sought after critical thinker and consummate problem solver, with over 20 years of achieving successful outcomes.

Maria has advised and supported many organizations in enhancing their internal and external engagement efforts, developing and facilitating corporate planning initiatives, and providing professional development and training. She often works with and/or assembles teams of expert associates to deliver services that meet client needs.

Maria is an International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) trained public and stakeholder engagement practitioner. She holds a Master’s degree in Communications and Technology from the University of Alberta, and previously served as Director of Research on the Canadian International Association for Public Participation Board.

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I have been and will continue to be a public servant. What this means to me is embracing a passion for people, for community and for all the potential there is when it all comes together. Humans are the most social creature there is and this is truly what sets us apart. We have the capacity to do amazing things when we use this ability for good.

I am excited by seeing something amazing being built truly out of the desire to make the world a better place. 

Our process is designed  to empower your team and outfit them with the tools, knowledge and passion they need to succeed. Talk to us today about how we work together to take steps toward knowing your vision with absolute clarity, understand the steps required to move toward your ultimate goal and allocating your resources to maximize value.

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Pamela Steppan has 21 years of experience working in government, both provincial and municipal, as well as with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. For most of her government career, she has been in leadership roles - mentoring teams, building and maintaining stakeholder relationships, and managing multiple projects.

Pamela’s strength is her analytical skillset. She has a varied experience in designing and analyzing public and employee surveys, as well as developing business plans with meaningful performance measures. Her approach has always been to listen to her clients and understand their business and strategic needs, then build the appropriate tool to collect the required information.

Pamela grew up in rural Alberta and understands the openness of small communities, as well as the challenges faced by rural municipalities. Through her work as a consultant with PS Strategic Surveys, Pamela has been able to assist a number of organizations with rural focuses issues, including healthcare advocacy and land use.


Mark Anielski is an economic strategist specializing in measuring the well-being and happiness of nations, communities and businesses. Mark holds three degrees from the University of Alberta: Economics, Forest Science, and Masters of Science in Forest Economics. For ten years he was professor of corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship at the University of Alberta’s School of Business. He has lectured internationally on the economics of happiness and well-being in Canada, the US, China, Tahiti, The Netherlands and Austria.

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Mr. Belke has worked in a variety of roles in municipal governance resulting in a unique, well-rounded understanding of the processes and challenges faced by municipalities.  For nine years he was the Chief Legislative Officer of a city in Alberta and for 18 years he provided advice and services to municipalities in various professional positions with Alberta Municipal Affairs.  He was also elected to Council of an Alberta town for four terms, and has served in various committee and volunteer positions.  Chris currently provides advice and services in the areas of legislation, governance, elections, bylaws and policies.