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2022 Municipal Elections 

Providing an overview of great governance principles, legislation, budgeting and ethics to municipal councils.


Working with municipalities to identify vision, mission and values and develop a set of goals, strategies and performance measures focused on a narrow subset of priority strategies.

Governance Orientation Workshops

Covering topics that are

required knowledge

for newly elected municipal officials.

This workshop is held over a half-day, and based on the specific needs of the municipality we can adapt the list of topics below to create a specialized agenda. 

  • History of local government

  • Roles of:

    • Governance - duties, roles, and principles for members of council​

    • Management - duties and roles of the CAO

    • Service Delivery - where the rubber hits the road

  • Municipal Act sections that relate to municipal councils, including:​

    • Governance​

    • Conflict of Interest

    • Intermunicipal Collaboration 

  • Council issues management​

  • Council decision-making processes and conflict resolution

  • Council meetings, protocols, agenda content, committee of the whole, in-camera, transparency, engagement, and freedom of information 

  • Partnerships and regional coordination 

  • Importance of Strategic Planning 

Additional Workshop Options

  • Online Issues Survey for elected officials

  • Team building workshop with personality style reports

  • CAO and department head review of service levels and desired outcomes

  • Strategic PlanningSession

Governance Orienations
Giving a Presentation

This workshop is held over one and a half days and is based on the specific needs of each municipality to update an existing Strategic Plan or create a new plan.

  • Orientation to current planning direction​

  • Current State

    • Update on existing Strategic Plans

    • Planning pre-survey results

    • Relevant National, Provincial and Local Issues 

    • Review of any barriers 

  • Review of current Vision, Mission, Values​

  • ​Specific areas of interest to the council 

  • Ranking what is important 

    • Identify Goals and Strategies 

    • Key Results 

    • Performance Measures – what does success look like?

  • Strategy prioritization ​

  • Development of a new Strategic Plan to present to council

  • Discuss how to engage others in the new plan

  • Review schedule for priorities

Additional Workshop Options

  • Council Governance Orientation Workshop

  • Team building workshop with personality style reports

Strategic Planning Sessions

Moving municipalities toward their vision of success through priority based strategic planning.

Strategic Planning
Business Meeting
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