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GREAT Governance for
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Lack of understanding of the governance role on the part of council members.


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Strategic Steps is a management consultancy focused on solving the unique challenges faced by governments.

We work with our clients to build on existing strengths, develop a set of recommendations that are practical, sustainable, strategic, and grounded in the characteristics that make your organization distinct and successful.

Our strategy is focused on three areas: good governance, organizational excellence, and empowering leadership. It is through these three areas’ that we can help solidify your organization to reach its potential.

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Business Team
Create a plan for

Organizational Reviews

Completed for Lamont County and the Olds Fire Department.

Strategic Planning and Priority Setting

Completed in villages, towns, cities, rural municipalities across western Canada, everywhere from the Town of Langham, SK, to the City of Lloydminster AB/SK, and the City of Cranbrook, BC.

Orientations and Governance Refreshers

Completed in dozens of communities.

Conference Workshops and Speeches

Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association, Alberta Municipal Clerks Association, Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, and many more.

Compensation Reviews

Completed in Jasper and Whitecourt.

Council Code of Conduct Complaints Reviews

Strategic Planning and Annual Board Self-Evaluation

Edmonton Police Commission

Orientation for all Nunavut Mayors

Nunavut Association of Municipalities


"Ian McCormack is a first-rate management consultant who I have had the privilege of working with on a recent engagement. He has a consultant’s mind and a professional’s work ethic. His character means that he can be counted on to do what is right and to tackle very difficult assignments."

George Cuff, FCMC

Business Meeting

Our team is a network of highly experienced advisors and associates that allow us to expand our expertise into various industries and professions to ensure you receive a team that is specifically chosen to combat your unique challenges and provide insights to help you achieve success.

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