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Rooted in Saskatchewan 

Strategic Steps is an experienced management consultancy focused on solving the unique challenges faced by various governments, public and private sector organizations, and non-profits in Canada regarding governance, leadership, and organization.

Who Are We


One of Western Canada's most experienced consultancy, providing guidance and strategic steps to allow your organization to reach its potential.

We work with our clients to build on existing strengths, develop a set of recommendations that are practical, sustainable, strategic, and grounded in the characteristics that make your organization distinct and successful.

Our team is a network of highly experienced advisors and associates that allow us to build a custom team with the skills suited to address your individual needs and provide insights to help you achieve success in your organization.

Vision, Mission, Values



Great Governance



Strategic Steps is an organization rooted in integrity, expertise, and diligence.


We are trusted by our clients to provide independence, a diverse skill set and capacity where it is needed most, helping our clients achieve their own visions of success.



Pushing boundaries to

contribute superior value.


Sharing what we know and

learn for the benefit of all.


Unlocking potential through trusted fact-based decision making free of preconceptions.


Listening, respecting and choosing honesty in our commitments.  


Strategic Steps is built on a network of highly experienced industry professional

Our Saskatchewan office is lead by Pam Malach who has spent her career in Saskatchewan and believes in helping the municipalities in the province reach their ideal future state. 


Pam and the team utilize the existing associates model where we partner with many talented experts in various industries and professions across Western Canada create a team that is custom-tailored to each client’s specific needs to provide the best possible value for each client.

Pam Malach_edited.png


Senior Consultant and Saskatchewan Lead

Pam is Strategic Steps' primary presence in Saskatchewan. She is a passionate and dedicated leader in government administration, contributing to public-sector excellence and good governance. Pam's previous work includes time as CAO for a large rural municipality surrounding a major city, and work at the provincial level for a special operating agency with unique legislation to operate as a regulator with both municipal and provincial authority.

Additionally, Pam has occupied the integral role of having created a governance structure and achieved an Order in Council to operate and govern a unique watershed association. Most memorably, she worked on a provincial bill that later translated to Pam's opportunity to create a municipality from ground zero.


When thinking about the current climate of your organization, have you considered the following factors? These are crucial in ensuring you are on the right path to achieve your vision and grow to your full potential.

  • How does your front line work help you achieve your vision?

  • What does ‘success’ look like a generation from now?

  • How does your organization respond to issues in a consistent manner that reflects your values?

  • How is success measured?

  • How well do you understand the needs of your stakeholders, clients and/or employees?

  • Do you have policies and procedures in place that are well understood and being utilized consistently and effectively?

  • Are council and staff on the same page from day one in terms of understanding the rules and vision of the organization?

  • When was the last time you checked to ensure your organization was poised for success?



Discover Our Expertise



For any organization to run as well as possible, there must be a clear understanding of the role of the governors and the role of the managers. Strategic Steps’ focus on the principles of good governance is woven into each of these offerings. Give your organization the best chance of success by getting and keeping everyone pointed in the right direction.

  • Council or Board Orientations

  • Council Mid-Term Refreshers

  • Governance Reviews

  • Intergovernmental Collaboration

  • Strategic Planning


There is always more work to do than there are resources available to do that work. Various tools can be used to ensure that your organization is making the best use of those limited resources, and that it is checking in with those people who rely on your organization to provide necessary services and programs in the most efficient way.

  • Organizational Reviews

  • Priority Based Budgeting

  • Policy and Bylaw Creation and Updating

  • Community Engagement

  • Management Capacity Building


Over the years, we have seen hundreds of organizations in operation and learned along the way about how best to meet expectations. We believe it is part of our responsibility to set organizations up for success by sharing what we have learned, and by empowering current and future leaders to be the best they can be.

  • Conference Workshops

  • Event Keynotes

  • Customized Workshops

  • Pre-Election Candidate Workshops

  • Organizational Leadership Training

"I can only say good things about Strategic Steps. Ian is leading us at Coalition for Canadian Police Reform through a discussion to provide a clear path forward. 'Strategic Steps towards our desired Outcome!'. He is very intuitive and even on video reads the participants well. I highly recommend his firm!"

John Lilley - Coalition for Canadian Police Reform



Contact Us

Strategic Steps’ offices are located on the traditional territories of the Indigenous peoples of the Treaty 6 and Treaty 4 regions, and the Metis Settlements and Metis Nation of Alberta. We respect the histories, languages, and cultures of First Nations, Metis, Inuit, and all First Nations Peoples of Canada, whose presence and cultures continue to enrich our community today. 

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